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AR-15 w/Five Seven Upper

Clark shows Brandy and Andy how easy it is to convert the AR-15 with the new Five Seven upper.

Then they test the weapon, along with the P90, and see what tannerite does to stuffed animals and a sack of flour!

Desert Eagle .50 Action Express

The "Deagle" is one big mama gun! Watch the recoil of this monster, and see the benefits... and deficits... of carrying such a huge weapon.

Then they "Bust-a-Cap" into a laptop computer and various fruits.

Glock 22 RTF

Here is the brand new fourth generation Glock 22, the .40 caliber RTF, which stands for "rough-textured frame."

On the "Bust-a-Cap" segment, they test the "indestructible" claims of the Ironkey thumb drive.


Brandy and Andy go full-auto with the Heckler and Koch Model 53.

What does .223 ammo do to a ham and a chicken? See for yourself in the "Bust-a-Cap" segment!

Machine Guns

It's a machine-gun-palooza!

This is Machine Gun Heaven.

We shoot and see everything from the Thompson "Tommy Gun" to the M-60... and lots of other surprises!

Mouse Guns

Clark reveals part of his collection of easily-concealed "Mouse Guns."

But how accurate are they? And more importantly, how reliable are they? Brandy and Andy put them to the test.

Tactical Shotguns

Clark shows Brandy and Andy the similarities and differences between these police and military-style weapons and typical sporting guns.

On the "Bust-a-Cap" segment, you may have wanted to unleash #00 buckshot on a computer monitor like this!

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